We’re down to crunch time, people!

With only three more weeks of classes, I am in the last steps of this marathon of a semester! But what a rewarding marathon it has been! I feel like I have learned so much! Not only in regarding to the material being taught in classes, but how to succeed in graduate school courses. It’s not unknown that writing a graduate level paper and writing an undergraduate paper can be pretty different. One thing I have noticed is the amount of reflection papers that I have written. So many! It’s such a great way to apply the lessons to your own life by applying what is learned to reflect on your development or anything else  from the past. Even the other more fact driven papers are different from those in undergrad. Rather than writing a paper about regurgitated information from lecture notes and the text book, you’re being asked instead to show real comprehension. I feel like these papers are so rewarding to write and offer for great discussions in class.

I’m not saying that all undergrad courses require shallow interpretations to prove knowledge on a subject; however, I believe most can attest to this reality in some of their courses. I loved my undergrad institution. Now, I feel a different sense of pride for my school. I feel like I am maturing my knowledge, learning skills to use directly in my practicum, and finding about my own strengths and weaknesses. I can’t wait to start next semester and see where this journey to become a counselor will lead me next!

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I'm living in the Boston area and going to Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology to get my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I moved to Boston from Nampa, ID where I've spent most of my life. I'm married to the love of my life and best friend, Keith. I've spent time working in the mental health care field and am ready to get my Masters so that I can work hopefully somewhere in Community Mental Health. I'm so excited to start this journey and am very optimistic about where it will take me! I love going for walks with friends, drinking mass amounts of coffee, baking and cooking, spending time with family, watching movies, and dying/cutting/doing crazy things with my hair (I think I'm a hair-o-holic! haha). This blog is basically an account of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the tales from this journey!
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10 Responses to We’re down to crunch time, people!

  1. You’ve perfectly expressed what I love most about education and challenging courses. Thanks.

  2. I can know you learned a lot from courses. Keep working!

  3. I think practical experience also helps with this. Thanks.

  4. You sound like you’re on a wonderful journey. Good Luck!

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  6. bienshen says:

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  7. Thermapens says:

    Frightening how close the end of the year is and how quickly it has flown. WIshing all well for their final exams.

  8. “I’m not saying that all undergrad courses require shallow interpretations to prove knowledge on a subject;”

    Maybe not all course but a great many require just a superficial understanding. To evaluate and to teach much deeper understanding is just too expensive.

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