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Weekend classes!

Whew – I just finished the Psychopharmacology class. It was an intensive learning experience; the class met one Saturday and then two full weekends…from ~8:30-4. The instructor was engaging, sharing clinical experiences and funny anecdotes to keep the class entertained. … Continue reading


/f/ /u/ /n/ with phonemes!

Extra Credit Question: How many phonemes are in the word “box”? (If you’re not sure, read the mini-dictionary that follows and see if you can figure it out. Answer below.) Today I attended an all-day professional development workshop for the … Continue reading


How to Balance a Weekend

It can be very difficult to manage one’s time effectively. Meeting the demands of school, homework, practicum, friends, family, self-care, or any other community or social involvement can be such a daunting task. This weekend, I feel like I have … Continue reading


National Coming Out Day

Although I had wondered what I might post in my blog about National Coming Out Day (in support of the LGBT community) I was relieved to find that the work had already been done for me. Dr. Jessica Stahl, a … Continue reading


A Novel Idea

I was one of the lucky people who just ended a long weekend. The weather was gorgeous, I was able to make fun plans, and (gasp!) I even read a novel! I’ve made it a priority this year to allow … Continue reading

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My best friend is getting married this weekend. And, as I attempted to write my speech, I looked through all of the photos we had taken over our four years at college, remembering and reminiscing about all the things we … Continue reading


Dr. Cynthia Lucero

Dr. Cynthia Lucero is a name I have heard over and over again since my arrival at MSPP. In fact, her legacy was one of the things that tipped the scale for me when making my final decision about which … Continue reading

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Indian Summers

Today was a gorgeous, warm day! Especially in comparison to how rainy it has been the past few days. There seems to be a peaceful feel to today. As this semester continues, papers and other assignments are starting to pile … Continue reading

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Spotlight on… Jake

After blogging about my experiences for the past few weeks, I thought I should share some other perspectives on MSPP with you. I have decided to “spotlight” members of the School Psychology Program. First up… Jake! He was kind enough … Continue reading


If I turn blue, don’t panic…

The average (healthy) human being can hold their breath for between 30 and 60 seconds. Magician David Blaine managed to hold his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. Karoline Nariechen Meyer, of Brazil, holds the world record with 18 … Continue reading

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