I have a date with Freud tonight

I had been dreading the Lifespan development exam for weeks – not because I don’t enjoy the class (quite the opposite actually) but because I knew that the sheer volume of material to study would be overwhelming. The professor provided us with chapter-by-chapter study guides to help us slog through the informative but dense textbook, as well as a mid-term exam study guide. I spent hours each day of the past week poring over these study guides, tracking down answers, emailing questions to the professor, and commiserating about my anxiety with fellow first-years. I do feel more confident now in explaining Erikson’s stages of development vs. Object Relations theory, and postulating about ways to foster resiliency in children, but I also realize that this course just scratches the surface of myriad psychology/biology topics and I’m consistently impressed how relevant it feels to our field work.

While we haven’t gotten our exam grades yet, now that it’s over, we have all breathed a sigh of relief. I decided to take a day off from school and spent time cooking and bike riding, activities that I enjoy but usually struggle to squeeze in between classes, papers, work, and practicum hours. As the smell of pumpkin bread wafts through my apartment, I recognize that soon I need to get back to the books….. Freud awaits!

About shansenmspp

I am a second-year school psychology student. I completed my undergraduate degree at Macalester College, with majors in Sociology and Spanish. In addition, I have a master's degree in Public Affairs. I have worked as a language teacher in the U.S. and Latin America, and I speak Spanish and some Portuguese. I love reading, yoga, cooking, traveling, and hanging out with good friends. Oh, and playing with my impish rescue pup, Atlas.
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5 Responses to I have a date with Freud tonight

  1. Greg Smith says:

    It’s really a good feeling after completion of your exam ,just wanna hang out with friends,want to enjoy bike riding,make some stupid and crazy stuff.I just want to go Canada this month for ATV riding,what you say buddy??

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  5. tj says:

    It’s so much work, but so worth the effort, and that it directly relates to your clinical work makes it seem easier. good luck on that exam.
    BTW, can’t someone put some more current photos on Facebook page? Most are from years ago ;-}

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