How to Balance a Weekend

It can be very difficult to manage one’s time effectively. Meeting the demands of school, homework, practicum, friends, family, self-care, or any other community or social involvement can be such a daunting task. This weekend, I feel like I have managed my time very well. It’s all about breaking tasks into small steps and setting a schedule that is attainable and has room for flexibility.

Friday night, once I got home from school, I rested for a couple of hours, had dinner and watched a movie, then read for two classes. Saturday was spent going shopping for amenities, spending time with family, and then printing out powerpoints and reading textbooks. One thing that has really helped me with reading my textbooks, especially the more meaty ones, is my Kindle. I can sit and read while having the text read to me by my Kindle. It helps so much with retention

About spitchermspp

I'm living in the Boston area and going to Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology to get my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I moved to Boston from Nampa, ID where I've spent most of my life. I'm married to the love of my life and best friend, Keith. I've spent time working in the mental health care field and am ready to get my Masters so that I can work hopefully somewhere in Community Mental Health. I'm so excited to start this journey and am very optimistic about where it will take me! I love going for walks with friends, drinking mass amounts of coffee, baking and cooking, spending time with family, watching movies, and dying/cutting/doing crazy things with my hair (I think I'm a hair-o-holic! haha). This blog is basically an account of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the tales from this journey!
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6 Responses to How to Balance a Weekend

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  2. BigBen says:

    I use a nook, but I understand I love how easy it is to access all of my books, if only I could get my textbooks on it. Then it would be perfect!

  3. I absolutely love my Kindle. I was a little worried about how easy it would be to read but it really is like you are reading a book. I still enjoy reading the ‘real’ thing though. I’ve not tried to read any textbooks on it but I can see how this might be a little better than reading an actual book, at least it might be a little lighter.

  4. My weekend holiday is beginning !!! thanks guys.

  5. How do I manage my weekend – Friday is always my favorite day, ‘Coz Friday means rest. I make sure that i don’t do school stuffs on the weekends. I only spend weekends with family, shopping,park,bonding. I love weekends! But isn’t it weird that Monday is so far away from Friday, but, Friday is just near Monday?

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