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October Activities in the Boston Area

This month has been so busy! Between midterms, papers, classes, practicum, and maintaining some sort of social life, my life has been anything but a breeze. For self-care though, I participated in two amazing October events: King Richard’s Faire in … Continue reading

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Directed Studies

It’s coming up on registration time. While there are many great courses offered at MSPP, it can be difficult to fit them in to our busy schedules, working around internship requirements. One option to get around these constraints is to … Continue reading

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The Murtaugh List

Do you know what a Murtaugh List is? No? The concept, of course, comes from a How I Met Your Mother episode. Educate yourself here. The List gets its name from veteran detective Roger Murtaugh, Danny Glover’s character from the “Lethal Weapon” movies. … Continue reading

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Trying MSPP on for Size

A few days ago I received a Skype phone call from a close friend who recently moved to Europe to begin graduate school. She is enrolled in an Economics program run through a prestigious U.S. university. Her 100+ first-year classmates … Continue reading


Blended Courses Demystified

I made it through my finals! “Finals in October?” you ask. “Aren’t finals usually in December?” While it is typical for students to spend the last few days of November/first few days of December cramming for their finals I ended … Continue reading

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Moving from Idaho to Boston

Moving is never easy. Even for someone like me who has moved around quite a bit growing up; moving is always just a mess of emotions. While I was excited about the prospect of moving to somewhere new, getting out … Continue reading

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Driving in Boston

I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, which, both figuratively and literally, is many miles from Boston. I thought that moving from a place like Kansas to a big city would be overwhelming, but I am here to tell any prospective … Continue reading


What kind of coffee does Dracula drink?

Decoffinated! Ha!! Well, he may be able to suck down some decaffeinated brew and still manage to stay up all night but I cannot make it through a day without my daily cup. While I do love the flavor- particularly … Continue reading

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I have a date with Freud tonight

I had been dreading the Lifespan development exam for weeks – not because I don’t enjoy the class (quite the opposite actually) but because I knew that the sheer volume of material to study would be overwhelming. The professor provided … Continue reading


Beloved Boston

I moved to Boston five years ago and quickly fell in love with the city. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite things to do and places to visit: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – located along a … Continue reading

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