First Day at Practicum

So today was the first day of orientation at my practicum. At first I was afraid I would fall behind in the training since the orientation started Monday; but, I quickly fell into line with what was being discussed and I was getting really excited to start working with the kids.

I found out yesterday that I was going to be working at Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention (AIP) at a middle school in Boston. The population is very diverse, especially in my perspective since in Idaho there isn’t a lot of diversity as far as races, ethnicity, or cultures go. Today, my fellow interns and staff discussed what this year will hold and what we will be doing in detail. I will be doing individual therapy, group therapy, and co-leading groups. I also will be involved in the kids’ family dynamics and community systems. I came up with the idea of doing an activity involving comics, anime, or story telling. I am working now with trying out a program and curriculum for that time with my kids. I think that this will be a great activity for the males at the school, especially since most of the other activities seemed more geared towards females. It will be exciting to see how the kids will take this activity that sign up for it. I want to use it to discuss family systems, safe homes and individuals in life, and also to talk about their life experiences so far through the use of story telling. I hope the kids that I work with will be as excited to partake in this project as I am!

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I'm living in the Boston area and going to Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology to get my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I moved to Boston from Nampa, ID where I've spent most of my life. I'm married to the love of my life and best friend, Keith. I've spent time working in the mental health care field and am ready to get my Masters so that I can work hopefully somewhere in Community Mental Health. I'm so excited to start this journey and am very optimistic about where it will take me! I love going for walks with friends, drinking mass amounts of coffee, baking and cooking, spending time with family, watching movies, and dying/cutting/doing crazy things with my hair (I think I'm a hair-o-holic! haha). This blog is basically an account of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the tales from this journey!
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5 Responses to First Day at Practicum

  1. ramenman115 says:

    Great article man keep it up! Your kids will be happy :D
    anime news, upcoming anime

  2. thanks for sharing your teaching experience with the kids , yes your therapy course will help the kids building them as Good human being for there family and society as a whole,so these type of therapy should be carried every shool

  3. As long as you know how to handle kids, I see no issues at all. All you need to do is to keep yourself comfortable always on everything you do.

    You rock! Keep it up!

  4. Kids will sure like you, kids want learn new things in funny way.
    So go for this and rock there.

  5. I’m sure the kids will love you. Why? Because you love what you do, and you do what you love, everything follows – happiness, contentment, success. Just remember, always do things by the heart. Good luck =)

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