Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

It is always sad to see summer come to an end; to say goodbye to lazy beach days, exciting travel adventures, reading for pleasure, running at daybreak, etc. But returning to MSPP feels a bit like returning home. In the two years that I have been here, I have grown accustomed to the art on the walls, the chatter in the library, the friendly faces that accompany me to class.

Admittedly, I don’t know everyone’s name at MSPP. When I walk through the hallways at school, conversations begin with people that I am still getting to know. Because we are all immersed in the rigors of the PsyD program, empathy and support are easy to come by and “our troubles are all the same…” There is also a lot of laughter.

I became friends with a student who graduated last year. Shortly before she left to start her post-doc, we talked about how strange it was for her to not go to MSPP anymore. As I entered the building the first week of classes, I was struck by the realization that my time here is short. Many students try to take summer classes so that they only have to take one course during their fourth year (theory and practice in supervision). Thus, the third year of classes is (kind of…at least in my mind) our last. I’m already feeling nostalgic.

This will likely pass soon. Internships are starting, doc project anxiety is ever-present, and we all have lives, friends, and family to attend to. I’m hopeful that this blog will be a place to “take a break from all our worries.” I am so happy to be a student blogger this year and I look forward to sharing the MSPP experience with you!

Welcome back – it’s going to be a great year! ~Melissa

About mmosesmspp

I am a third year PsyD student interested in working with children, adolescents, and families, especially those affected by trauma. I'm originally from Colorado. Although I miss the mountains and the activities that go along with them, I fell in love with Boston upon moving here five years ago. I initially came east to study creative writing, completing a memoir about my experience volunteering in the Peace Corps in Lesotho. I am an avid runner, yoga practitioner, and lover of food. I love trying new things and used to be obsessed with finding and attending each and every cool thing that happened in Boston. Now my days and nights are filled with internship responsibilities and coursework - and I couldn't be happier.
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