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Rain, rain go away…

Coming from Idaho and California, I have never seen so much rain in my entire life! I’m used to wearing flats all over the place; but after drowning my feet today, I realize why everyone out here wears rain boots. … Continue reading

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On your mark…

The kid on the scooter sidled up to me with a smile on his face. “My mom is running in this race,” he told me proudly, as another group of sweat soaked runners charged past us. Last Sunday I found … Continue reading


Let’s talk Doc Project

Ah…the Doc Project. Sometimes referred to (affectionately?) as the DP. I’m just beginning to form a relationship with my DP and I would describe the connection as tenuous at best. During the second year of the PsyD program, we all … Continue reading

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Weekend in Residence

I love school so much that I decided to spend the weekend there. Just kidding. Well, I did spend the weekend there but it wasn’t because I have an unhealthy attachment to my school. (Go, MSPP! Woohoo!) This past weekend … Continue reading


Qwelled Fears

With about a month of classes behind me, I feel like I have finally gotten into the swing of things at MSPP. My courses are going really well and my practicum site has been so informative and exciting. Last week, however, I encountered … Continue reading

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Brownies and the Brain

Last Wednesday, we studied the brain in our Lifespan Development course. This meant squinting at pictures of neurons to locate the axons and dendrites, and coming to understand that we should conceive of the brain as a series of pathways … Continue reading


Laughing, crying, singing

Today marks the end of week three at my internship. The staff was immediately welcoming, my supervisors are spectacular, and I love the other interns. I’ve already met with several patients. My site is a clinic that treats people with trauma … Continue reading

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When I first heard about teachers emphasizing the importance of self-care, I kind of laughed. I’ve heard so many horror stories of grad school and how much it consumes your life; so, the idea of taking time out of that … Continue reading

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The Affirmation

OK. I promised you a joke in the event that my first (real) day at Stevens was not absolutely amazing. However, despite the fact that there were no dramatic or traumatic events that would trigger an “awesome” on my day-rating … Continue reading

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Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!

Dookershat. Best word ever. Apparently, the developers of a certain test believe that the ability to repeat back nonsense words can reflect on your intellectual abilities. At 6:59pm, however, I think the ability to maintain a straight face and say … Continue reading

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