Totally Tubular in Tamarindo

So I’ve officially graced the waves with my presence.  This past weekend in Tamarindo I rented a surfboard and tried surfing for the first time.  I’m sore and tired, but it was a blast to try something new and live outside of my comfort zone.  The surfing culture of Tamarindo is very similar to the U.S., with there being some parallels between Costa Rica’s “golden” Guanacaste coast and California’s “golden” coast.  We rented a car and had a great weekend which consisted of beach-hopping up and down the Guanacaste coast, “enjoying” a cheap hostel and crashing a beach wedding at sunset.

All fun aside, we have all been working hard in La Guacima.  Every week or so we switch instructors (morning and afternoon) to get exposed to different teaching styles and modalities.  I’ve noticed our Spanish becoming more sophisticated and nuanced and also that we are more apt to converse in Spanish than in English.  Homework in the summer is never fun however, whether you have summer reading as a teenager or essays as a graduate student.  When combined with daylong classes and living with a host family, all of our work adds up to more competent language.

All I need to do now is learn how to say “cowabunga” or other surfing lingo in Spanish and I’ll be set to move down and surf the night away with the ticos (locals).

Ride on man,

~John Pratico

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  1. Thank you, they are breath taking. I recall the need to take a step equivalent such as the trainer in my next yr with School.

  2. I’ve surfed there! Playa Tamarindo is a long beach, with excellent waves near the mouth of the estuary. Currents can be strong, especially on a falling tide. Tamarindo has two main breaks for advanced surfers: Pico Pequeño a rocky point in front of the Hotel Tamarindo Diriá and the excellent river mouth break across from Cabinas Tsunami called El Estero. The rest of the beach breaks are perfect for learning. The biggest waves can get up to 12 feet, although only during November and December.

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