Getting Comfortable.

During the first week in Costa Rica, each day has been easier and more comfortable.  My host parents are extremely kind and have made every effort to help me feel at home.  Now with one weeks worth of Spanish Lessons, I believe my ability to communicate with the locals has already increased.  We are staying in Guacema in Alajuela and have taken to visiting surrounding cities independently with other students.  The natives (called Ticos) make traveling around safe and easy.  With plenty of museums to visit, including the Museum of Gold, the National Museum of History, and the National Theatre, there will never be a lack of places to visit.  
I look forward to the continued adventures in the weeks to come.
Carla P.
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  3. Chris Devlin says:

    A wonderful place to visit

  4. I’ve been to a museum before,, but not like costa ricas museum, hope to be there,,, thanks for sharing it..

  5. I wish i can go to Costa Rica as well!

  6. Shine says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica. :)

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    1) Come visit Sydney after Costa Rica :)
    2) Any more tips on Costa Rica? How long have you been there? Is it safe?

    Tell us more :)

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  10. great photos and place!thanks for sharing..

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    Are there any images of the place to have a look at? The place looks wonderfull.

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    thanks for those information!that place is amazing,i want to visit there soon,,,:-)

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