April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today is raining. I drove home from my morning classes in a thunderstorm and it is only in the low 40s, so my house is chilly.  Last week’s snow has washed away and my mood basically matches the weather.  I want to take a nap, but I need to power through the rest of my afternoon and be productive.  In just one short week I will be presenting my Capstone project!  Although I’ve given my presentation a lot of thought, I have not created my PowerPoint and even though I have a full week, I feel as though I am procrastinating.  I still need to attend my internship 3 days this week and I’m babysitting on Saturday, so realistically I do not have ample free time.

Amazingly, I have written a full rough draft of my Capstone paper—a whopping 75 pages without my references, which means I need to edit down.  I feel EXTREMELY relieved that I have the bulk of this project completed, and I will feel even that much better once my presentation is out of the way next Monday!  I heard that some of the professors who do not teach classes during my Capstone course attend different students’ presentations, so I definitely want to be prepared in case I have any visitors.  The thought of spectators makes me nervous, but I suppose it will give me that extra nudge that I need at the end of my second year to do a stellar job!

As I’ve mentioned before, my literature review is on infidelity, specifically about gender differences and treatment approaches for infidelity couples.  I’m thinking about opening my presentation with a short video of Tiger Woods and President Clinton, two very public figures with infamous relationships.  I think that everyone in my class has heard of their cases of infidelity, so I’m hoping this approach will capture their interest and sustain their attention!  The presentation is 1 hour long, so I need to incorporate a mixture of medias, such as videos, PPT slides, handouts, and in-class activities.  I think that instead of writing about it now, I should get to work! Wish me luck…

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers?”  April showers=my mood and energy level right now, but May flowers=the thought of finishing my Spring semester & graduating!

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    Very rightly said April showers bring may flowers. After a shower of sorrows, there will be flowers of happiness. so don’t loose hope and everything will be ok.

  9. Wow, Tiger Woods and Clinton are the perfect example of infidelity ha, ha…

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    I hope everything turned out ok with you.

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  22. Shine says:

    Congratulations on your graduation Samantha! I love showers and flowers.

  23. Concentrate on the flowers, not the showers!

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    I have recently started a website about marriage and infidelity and the info you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thank you for shedding lights and good luck to your presentation. Break a leg !

  25. A lovely post and lots of detail, I can see there was a huge amount of thought and stress went into getting this right, I’m sure it went well for you, what is next on the journey for you, I’d love to hear an update.
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  26. It was a good idea to open with Tiger and President Clinton. i hope it went well.

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    hope your graduation went well :)

  28. Rainy days brings such lovely flowers to the surrounding with its beautiful blooms. I love your post by the way.

  29. flowers bring lots of smiles :)

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  31. There is always a calm after the storm. Hard work and perseverance will always pay off. Just keep your chin down and keep working hard!

  32. Samantha,

    You bring back memories of the last days of college and the joy of moving on into life, Wish you the best and know you will be most useful to many people.
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