How I Made the Decision to Come to MSPP….

The end of March is a beautiful time of year… Spring is in the air. I can hear birds chirping, and see flowers blooming…

But a more important sign of spring is in the air: acceptance letters from grad school! I know a lot of people think that the most stressful part about the application process is the interview, but perhaps equally stressful is making a decision once you have been accepted into programs. I was in that place only a year ago, and I remember what it was like…

Although deciding to come to MSPP was relatively easy choice for me, there were lots of factors that went into this decision. I interviewed at two schools, MSPP and another one (which I won’t name), and the interview process and atmosphere during the interview weighed heavily in my decision making. What I loved about MSPP is that everyone was so welcoming and nice that I felt comfortable, even during the interview. To me, this says a lot, as I am always extremely nervous during interviews. On the other hand, at the other school, their interview process was set up in such a way as to be intimidating (I had to go through SIX interviews in one eight hour day!) Additionally, it really felt that none of the students or staff really tried to welcome the interviewees.

Another factor that weighed into my decision to come to MSPP was the fact that we are required to get field experience from the first year. Even though a PsyD is a practice based doctorate, a lot of other PsyD programs do not require a first year practicum. As I have a strong theoretical background in psychology, I was eager to get into the field. I also really liked that the field placement department would work with you to help you find a placement. MSPP is well-known in the area, and finding a good site was not difficult, once sites see that you are an MSPP student.

Finally, I looked at the coursework that is available to PsyD students. In order to be happy at any school, I knew I would have to be able to take a wide range of courses. And at MSPP this is possible. Some classes that are available at MSPP include: Meeting the Needs of Returning Veteran, Hypnosis, Mindfulness in Therapy, and Working with Refugees to name just a few… I encourage you to look at the MSPP website carefully in making your decision.

A year ago I made the decision to come to MSPP, and I am still happy about my choice! Given all the factors that went into my decision, MSPP has lived up to what I thought it would be…

I wish you a happy spring, and good luck in making your graduate school decision!

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