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Helping Continue My Education…

One of my favorite things about the MSPP community are the continuing education opportunities.  Not only do students get the benefit of learning with current practicing psychologists, but they get to attend 3 workshops a semester for free!  Last week, … Continue reading

Student Trip to New Orleans

Greetings from New Orleans!  The group arrived safely and have been busy so far.  Yesterday we worked with the Saint Bernard Project, a pretty inspiring organization seeing that the founders, two regular volunteers with limited knowledge and skills came down, … Continue reading

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3rd Guest Blog from Judi: Change of Career

What It’s Like to Be An MSPP “student of a certain age”  Being in my 2nd year now, I think I can speak reliably to the experience of being a “student of a certain age” at MSPP.  There is a … Continue reading

Why I chose the PsyD over the PhD and MA.

Deciding to go to Graduate School is a hard decision, but making the choice as to which program would be the best fit can be daunting. I obviously cannot make the decision for you, but I can let you know … Continue reading

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Interview Day!

This weekend I am volunteering at MSPP for interview day! Along with a professor, I’ll be conducting interviews with M.A. Counseling applicants. If you’re one of the lucky folks attending interview day this Saturday, February 26th, how prepared are you? … Continue reading

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Such a friendly community

When I first interviewed at MSPP, I was surprised at how welcoming and nice everyone was. After having lived in New York City for a year, such niceness was a shock to me. I couldn’t believe that such a friendly … Continue reading

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My Spring Semester Classes

It’s been just over a month since Spring Semester started and so far classes are going great. As a second-year Clinical PsyD student I’m taking a few theory classes, and finishing up my second semester of Research and my Rorschach … Continue reading

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Extracurriculars at MSPP

One thing that can really make you feel more connected to your school is to participate in extracurricular activities. In my experience, participating in activities outside the home can also improve your self esteem. Luckily, MSPP has a variety of … Continue reading

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My Experience as a 1st & 2nd Year Student in the Clinical PsyD Program

When I made the decision to enter grad school I knew it’d be a difficult and arduous task. I had been out of school a year and knew that I had lost some of the work ethic that had dominated … Continue reading

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Grad school can be FUN?!

Most people do not associate the words FUN and HOMEWORK. And I admit I never did…until I came to MSPP and started my second semester in the clinical psychology PsyD program. So far, one semester in, all the assignments given … Continue reading

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