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M.A. vs PsyD part III

To continue my blogs concerning why MSPP students chose specific programs, here are two more responses from a second year Forensic Counseling Program student and a second year PsyD student: Kelly Dean, a Forensic student, wrote, “Basically, I was looking … Continue reading

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The Importance of Time Management

When I was in high school, my dad would often pass by my bedroom and make a comment along the lines of,  “Your room is kind of messy. Is there something going on that is upsetting you?”  I remember thinking … Continue reading

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A Self-Care Trip to Walden Pond

In one of my previous blogs, I had stated that I could not find any good hiking trails around the metrowest area.  However, I have recently come to realize that while there may not be any mountains around, there are … Continue reading

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Cynthia Lucero’s Mom Interview Part I

Last October, I had the opportunity of speaking with an amazing woman, Marta, who is Cynthia Lucero’s mom about her life, their non-profit organization and the message that Cynthia Lucero carried out to others through her life. It is through … Continue reading

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Additional Reasons for the M.A. vs PsyD

I wanted to include another quote from a fellow MA Counseling student on why she chose the MA program, which was the topic of my blog ( posted earlier this week: Beth Huey wrote, “I had originally thought that the only … Continue reading

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Tips for Graduate Level Reading

I promised I would post this a while ago.  It is something a teacher gave us that has really helped me get through the readings in many of my courses. Reading with Strategy: A Student-tested Process for Effective Graduate Level … Continue reading

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M.A. vs PsyD

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the MA Counseling Program instead of the PsyD Program.  In case you didn’t know already, I am actually a transfer student.  I originally started a PsyD program down in Florida after … Continue reading

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Students of a Certain Age

While growing up, some people thought I was strange because I had friends of very different ages, and of course at MSPP this is not an exception. One of the things that really enriches the MSPP atmosphere is that there … Continue reading

MSPP: Offering a Unique Opportunity for Students to Focus Their Studies

MSPP is unique in that it offers different concentrations, or tracks, that a student can choose to enter after their second year.  Along with General Studies, MSPP offers Health, Forensic, Child, Adolescent and Family, and Latino Mental Health tracks. This … Continue reading

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Gratitud – Thanksgiving Day

Here I share with you some thoughts I wrote in Spanish one year ago about Thanksgiving. I am very thankful to my friend Dorian and her family who warmly showed me and my family this tradition one year ago… Se … Continue reading

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