Advanced Standing ( What Is It?)

As mentioned in my bio, I am an advanced standing student, which also presents another dynamic to my life at MSPP. If you are awarded advanced standing, this means that you completed course work in a master’s program in psychology (or similarly related field) and your credits successfully transfer into the MSPP program of your choice. This would be a good time to speak on the benefits and hindrances of being an Advanced Standing Student:


  • My Clinical Seminar II class seems appropriate to my level of experience, as I’ve already had a full year of internship when I was completing my master’s degree.
  • I don’t have to re-take statistics ( amazing!) among some other classes that I took recently.
  • I am able to dive into my internship and see clients immediately ( in some other PysD programs I looked into that did not have advanced standing, all first years did not have internship or practicum, but rather spent a year answering phone intakes).
  • I am learning more about the theories I kind of learned about before in my master’s program but were not explored in depth.
  • I can potentially graduate early(!!!)


  • I am entering a class that has already had a year to get to know each other, form groups, etc.
  • Psych. Assessment did not transfer ( actually not too let down about this one, as administering one WAIS-IV to my roommate last year hardly qualifies me to be a decent test administrator).
  • Word on the street is that being in advanced standing can get a bit confusing each semester when it comes time for registration. A sacrifice I am willing to take so long as I never have to look at another statistics book.
  • Not necessarily a con, but make sure you explain what advanced standing means to potential supervisors at your potential practicum sites if you potentially apply to this program.  I had a few that thought advanced standing meant “ gifted.” Not quite!

I can keep this list updated as the semester progresses.

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  1. Wow Jen this was so interesting! Thanks for sharing about your MSPP experiences with us net surfers!

  2. Hi! Welcome to the MSPP blog . The faculty was also an important factor in my decision to enter a PsyD program. I am VERY impressed with MSPP’s faculty and the range of their interests. I am engaged during class time and I really feel that each professor is passionate about their particular topic they teach and this is expressed to the students. Feel free to check out this link, and click on each faculty member to see their areas of interests:

  3. dena says:

    hi, i appreciate the comments regarding entering at the advanced standing level. i am applying for fall 2011 and the number one reason i am considering mspp is for that option. its involving a relocation from philadelphia to boston so you can imagine, im trying to weigh all the pros and cons. how do you feel about the faculty? thats my other big concern. ive been blessed with amazing teachers and supervisors in my masters and think its a crucial piece of the education…

  4. Moose says:

    Wow Jen this was so interesting! Thanks for sharing about your MSPP experiences with us net surfers!

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