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Testing and Numbers and Running, Oh My!

Some people have phobias. Phobias of spiders, snakes, airplanes. All reasonably understandable things to feel negative towards. Spiders and snakes can bite, planes can crash. I have a fear of numbers. I’m not diagnosed with numerophobia (fear of numbers, a … Continue reading

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On Self-Care

It seems that as much as we talk about self-care with our clients, in our classes, and among colleagues we still have a long way to go when it comes to self-care. I recently heard in one of our classes … Continue reading

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Advanced Standing ( What Is It?)

As mentioned in my bio, I am an advanced standing student, which also presents another dynamic to my life at MSPP. If you are awarded advanced standing, this means that you completed course work in a master’s program in psychology (or … Continue reading

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Some Advice…

 I put together a list of things that are helpful to be aware of if you plan on applying to MSPP for your doctorate and if you’re planning to move from out-of-state: Thoughts on Entering a PsyD Program… Doctoral programs … Continue reading

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It’s Always Sunny In…Boston?

Welcome! I want to express how excited I am that you are showing an interest in any of the following: psychology, MSPP, Boston, or…reading blogs? In making the decision to pursue a degree in psychology you will grow in ways … Continue reading

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4 Weeks into the School Psych Program

Hello everyone, since this is my first official post, I thought that I would explain a little of my background and summarize my experiences with MSPP and the School Psychology (M.A./C.A.G.S.) program so far. First of all, I grew up … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Fall Semester

As the atmosphere starts to chill, 2010-fall semester seems to be taking its own form. I find that each semester has a different air to it, and it definitely adds to the learning process of clinical psychology at MSPP.  For … Continue reading

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